Hampshire based jewellery designer and manufacturer, Daniel Musselwhite, has over 15 years experience. His style is strongly influenced by his appreciation for Eastern Culture. An avid enthusiast of martial arts, he truly appreciates the beauty and simplicity of Eastern design.

Based in the cultural and historically beautiful city of Winchester, Daniel also draws inspiration from the beauty that surrounds him.

Having a solid grounding in jewellery manufacture - he started in the trade at 16 - has given Daniel the great expertise and knowledge you will find in the pieces he produces.

All of the original designs are made by hand, and always assembled, checked and finished, by Daniel himself. This is the only way to continuously achieve a high level of British craftsmanship.

With such an experienced background in jewellery creation, you can be assured that the ideas you come to Daniel with will be treated with the utmost respect. He is always happy to work on designs you produce yourself, or collaborate with you on your ideas.

Daniels workshop is available to visit by appointment only.